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Members of the organization in Los Santos
42 Hoover Criminals


Founding location

Idlewood, Los Santos

Years active


Notable members

Malik Charles, Reggie Martin, Delroy Lynch


Redsands West, Las Venturas; Garcia, San Fierro; Idlewood, Los Santos


Mostly African-American, with Hispanic and Asian minorities.

Criminal activities

Drug trafficking, arms trafficking, robbery, contract-killing, fraud, extortion



The 42 Hoover Criminals gang is a set of the Hoover Criminals with its base in Idlewood, Los Santos. During the late 1990s and early 2000s the gang was heavily involved in "The White Line" drug trafficking operation, and organized branches in San Fierro and Las Venturas to expand the operation. During this time the set was known for it's heavy stake in the distribution of Crack Cocaine and Heroin within the poorer neighborhoods of San Andreas. Though, following the demise of The White Line, connections between the branches have become weak or entirely severed.



Originally, what was to be come the 42 Hoover Criminals was known as "42nd Street Crips", a group of Idlewood juvenile delinquents who adopted the Crip moniker in 1972 as a way to appear more threatening then they truly were and due to their enamoring with the Crip culture. Though, soon after they were cosigned by Crip sets from the nearby neighborhoods and considered "true Crips" by the end of the year. From then on, the set ran in similar vein to the other Crip gangs at the time, committing crimes against its enemies and attempting to expand its territory.


When the advent of Crack-Cocaine swept America, the 42nd Street Crips were one of the first sets to see the opportunity and quickly began refining and distributing it amongst their territory. As the money rolled in the gang also began attempting to expand into Eastern Idlewood, West Ganton, Northern Willowfield, and Southern Jefferson. Bringing them into direct conflict with gangs already in these areas, including 43 Gangster Crips who operated in East Idlewood and Ganton Neighborhood Crips who operated in the South Ganton projects. This led the members of the 42nd Street Crips to drop the Crip from their title and instead clique up with the Hoover Criminals due to their shared enemy in the Gangster Crip and Neighborhood Crip sets. Officially becoming the 42 Hoover Criminals.

The White LineEdit

Some time in 1993, Army veteran and member of the 42 Hoover Criminals Reggie "Prince Grove" Martin, entered contact with an airplane pilot and Cocaine smuggler who operated on the behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel. They organized a deal that had the smuggler, known to them and others only as "The Indian", periodically deliver large amounts of Cocaine to Martin by performing drops in the outskirts of Los Santos. Martin would then distribute the Cocaine to members of his gang who would in turn distribute it to the public. Eventually, more smugglers were enlisted and they began making large deliveries of both Cocaine and Heroin to the members of the gang. In order to maximize their profit from this, Martin enlisted respected member of the set, Malik "Big Took" Charles, to form branches of the set in Las Venturas and later San Fierro. The 42 Westside Hoover Crips, and the 42 Garcia Hoover Criminals, respectively.

This arrangement continued for many years, until, begining in 2003, law enforcement put out an arrest warrant for Malik Charles and many of those involved in the Los Santos-Las Venturas smuggling. Charles then fled the state and was hunted by law enforcement until he was finally captured and arrested in 2005. To avoid being implicated, members of the San Fierro branch cut off contact with the Los Santos branch completely, and cliqued up with a local Crip set.

Meanwhile, Martin and the Los Santos branch were engaged in a violent turf war with El Corona and Willowfield based Sureno gangs. Eventually Martins involvement was unconvered by law enforcement and he was set to be taken to Federal prison, but was murdered on the orders of Mexican Mafia members in San Andreas State Penitentiary before he could be transferred.

42 Westside Hoover CriminalsEdit

Since the time of The White Line, the connection between the original set and it's Las Venturas branch are all but non-existent. Although they still maintain their status as Hoover Criminals and their symbolic connection to their father set unlike the San Fierro branch.

They have become ingrained in their area of Redsands West in a similar manner to their home branch in Idlewood. Since 2005, they are known to have stakes in more local criminal activity, and are fairly notorious for their targeting of tourists for cons and robberies, as well as for their murder-for-hire work for local crimebosses.