Albert Malone
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May 26th, 1971 (42 years old)
Las Venturas, San Andreas

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Black, grey roots

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Known family

Albert Malone Sr. (Father)
Martha Malone (Mother)
Catherine Malone (Wife)
Brian Malone (Son)
Jessica Malone (Daughter)
Allison Malone (Daughter)


Sanitary Andreas
"The Real Venturas Bandits"

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Regional Manager of Sanitary Andreas

Owned vehicles

2011 Chevrolet Impala

Albert Seamus Malone, Jr. (born May 26th, 1971) is an Irish-American citizen of the city of Las Venturas. Despite living a typical suburban life as a husband and father of three children between the ages of three and sixteen, as well as holding the position of regional manager within the Sanitary Andreas waste management union, Albert and a tight-knit group of associates dubbed by the media as "The Real Venturas Bandits" are suspected of holding responsibility for numerous heists across the state involving high value targets over the past two decades.

Michael Hunter - Set In Motion

Michael Hunter - Set In Motion


Albert was born in May of 1971 to Albert Malone, Sr. and Martha Malone. They were a middle class family living comfortably in the suburbs of Las Venturas. Albert's father took pride in his role as a law enforcement officer working within the Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department as a Lieutenant. His mother on the other hand was simply a dealer behind a blackjack table of the city's booming casino industry, more specifically The Ballroom Bandit's Casino. Although the only child of his parents, Albert was meant to be the elder brother of a young sister named Caroline. Unfortunately due to complications at birth, Caroline was a still born child, leaving Albert's mother in a state of postpartum depression.

Due to this, Albert's mother was forced to leave the household when he was a mere eleven years old in order to receive treatment in a mental facility for her severe depression symptoms. While his father, although always supportive of Albert as a child, was busy with his job, Albert was forced to take the responsibilities of looking after himself from a young age.

In school Albert was an average student. He had no social issues when interacting with other children or learning academic outcomes which allowed him to navigate swiftly through his school years. He was keen in the areas of sciences and mathematics, where teachers praised him for his "abilities to think inside and outside of the box." He participated in various sports including football and baseball in which he excelled.

Adolescence and AdulthoodEdit

Hi mother returned to the household when Albert was entering high school in the late 1980s. Her treatments and medication allowed her to overcome the symptoms of her depression and Albert was able to refurbish the relationship between her and himself. Unfortunately though, not all would be at peace in Albert's life. Only eight months after his mother's return, the family was informed that Albert Malone Sr. had been gunned down by a group of drug dealers with ties to The Whitmore Organization during a pull over for suspicious activity. Dumbfounded, Albert slipped into a state of depression and he began to lose grip of his life. His mark plummeted, he began failing courses where he once exceeded. His senior and sophomore year marks were so low that academic advisors told him there was little chance that Albert would make it to college.

Someone Saved My Life TonightEdit

After graduation Albert was still stuck in a rut. He was still stuck between a rock and a hard place. He was unable to afford college and even if he could his high school marks would prevent him from doing so. During a wave of depression, Albert enclosed himself in his garage to succumb to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust fumes of his running vehicle.

Luckily for him, a close friend throughout high school by the name of Brian Schaffer was in the neighborhood and saw the fumes escaping from the garage. Concerned, he decided to investigate the situation only to find Albert slipping into unconsciousness on the concrete floor. He quickly phoned for an ambulance and accompanied Albert to the hospital where doctors were able to treat him and ultimately save his life. Albert holds a great deal of respect for Brian because of this, sowing the seeds for what would spark into a brotherhood between the two that would prove useful in future endeavours.

Fixing the PastEdit

Brian helped Albert by getting him a job at Sanitary Andreas, the waste management company which employed Brian. The two worked together and were able to grow as friends, giving Albert a solid base to rebuild from the ashes of his past.

A problem for the pair was that income was limited. Although working in the unionized sanitation business proved to provide many benefits, the duo were quite unprepared in terms of the costs for living in a city such as Venturas. On top of that they wanted more than to be some average nine-to-five workers for a dump. An increase in social status was ideal. The pair came up with an answer to their problem; crime.

In the early years of the 1990s, the pair prepared themselves for what would be their break into the criminal world. A local business known as "Cash Cow Loans" in the downtown area of Venturas was known for providing on-the-spot financial assistance to those with low credit. It earned a gritty reputation for supplying gamblers with loans which they'd lose in their addictions, thus increasing their debts to the company and eventually cleaning the addict dry of their assets. The pair, enlisting the help of a fellow high school friend named Francis Corrigan, staked out the loan shop for a few days before finally suiting up with balaclava masks and nine-millimeter pistols. They burst into the premises and quickly located the manager. At gunpoint he was forced to hand the trio upwards of twenty thousand dollars worth of bills before they made their escape in a four door sedan. After they had made it back to their safehouse in a rush of adrenaline, the trio knew they had something. From there the roots of a tight knit crew had been planted. Albert, though pleased with the profits from this choice, often feels he betrayed the morals and message of his father's life as a police officer.

His depression quickly vanished as Albert began excelling in the workplace and in his ties to the criminal underworld kept hidden by his guise as an average citizen. There were improvements in his personal life as well. At the age of 21, Albert had met Catherine Jones, a girl whom he shared a romantic relationship with and who would ultimately become his wife two years later. The pair were married in a chapel near the Old Venturas Strip and had their first child, a boy named Brian, in 1997.

Continuation of Criminal InvolvementEdit

After their break in the criminal world through the robbery of Cash Cow Loans, the trio slowly began increasing in their skills and value of the targets they'd rob. They'd swiftly move between targets in intervals ranging between six months to a year, including jewelry stores, banks, armored trucks and more. There were instances where certain larger scale criminal organizations would hire the crew to rob rivals of their drug stashes and more, leading to a reputation for the three. Occasionally they'd enlist help from other criminals looking to make a quick buck, allowing the crew to remain in the shadows of the law enforcement's eyes due to changes in MO. For two decades the crew, dubbed by the media as "The Real Venturas Bandits", would continue to hit lucrative targets inside and outside the City of Sins.

Current DayEdit

Currently Albert lives in the Redsands with his wife and three children. He rose within Sanitary Andreas to the position of Regional Manager in the mid 2000s which lead to a complete deceleration of his and the crew's activities in the criminal underworld. Though everyday the demons of his past knock at his door, and soon enough Albert will succumb to his needs of lucrative ventures and addiction to adrenaline.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Standing at six foot one inch, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds at an age of 42 years, Albert appears to be nothing short of your average, middle aged American male with a rooted Irish heritage. His black hair is thick and short cut with a messy style, having specks of grey throughout it due to his age. He has a thick jawline with five o'clock shadow growing around it. Albert's usual attire is comprised of bowling shirts of various designs, chinos and brown leather boat shoes. Other times he can be seen wearing polo shirts and jeans. Wrapped around his right wrist is a luxurious sports watch an on his left ring finger is a golden wedding band. During his shifts at Sanitary Andreas, he wears grey coveralls with the Sanitary Andreas logo spread across the back and a ball cap.

Albert is typically in a content mood and treats others as they treat himself. Sometimes he's seen as a more reserved individual who keeps to himself but he maintains a comfortable life with his wife, Catherine, and his three children; Brian, Jessica, and Allison, respectively.