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Brian Isobe
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United States



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Kouki Isobe
Myung-Hee Gangjun


Garbage collector

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Mitsubishi Montero 2000

Brian Isobe is a japanese-korean male in his late twenties, living a life with questionable affairs in the United States. He worked as a state-wide driver for a trucking company, although was later dismissed as there was little to no work. The company had to make 40 of their employees jobless, under which Isobe. Isobe later moved north, out of flint county, to live in bone county outside of Las Venturas.

Youth & AdolecenseEdit

Brian Isobe was born to a Japanese father and Korean mother. His mother, Myung-Hee Gangjun, was a factory worker in a corporate cleaning facility. His father, Kouki Isobe was a third-generation japanese-american and worked locally as an engineer for the Los Santos International Airport.

Isobe grew up in the midst of a very grim household. Both of his parents worked long, stressful shifts. His father whom was a Vietnam war veteran had mental issues that caused him to be aggressive. Both his wife and son were often abused, both mentally and physically. Kouki had a weird sense of raising a child. Isobe was more so a single-child. Kouki always wanted to have a big family, though Myung-Hee became infertile after giving birth to Brian. Brian always caught the blame for that.

Brian shew bad performance in high school. In return his father yelled at him for that. His son grouped up with two high school friends, sometimes participating in unofficial gang activity after school and during school. He got in touch with the police a lot. Brian was a very social person. He had leadership traits, and developed an ambitious temperament. When he entered his late teenagehood, Brian was fed up with his family. He fell in love with his teenage girlfriend and got in a relationship. He would end up retaliating at his father when incident reoccured. The police often had to show up at their doorstep in response to 911 calls regarding domestic violence.

Brian dropped out of high school. He broke up with his girlfriend, making him semi-depressed, he ended up doing even worse in school as a result. He always made money from small-time crimes, such as theft, and blackmailing. Together with his youth friend, and later partner-in-crime, David Wong, they would rob kids in their school off their lunch money. Brian saw no need for an education. His twisted sense of how the world worked made him more ambitious in the underworld.

Late adolecenseEdit

Having gathered some money Brian moved into a cheap rentable appartment away from his family. His mother became disabled after ruining her joints working long shifts. His father turned to alcohol.

Brian associated himself with underworld figures to make money. He remained as a freelancer as a part of the crime-duo Brian & David. As associates to small-time criminals part of a Break & Entry crew active around eastern Los Santos they scouts and scooped out possible targets around neighbourhoods. Later Brian would become a getaway driver. Earning his stripes made him a potential asset to a more renowned criminal.

Adrian Alvarez was a weak link that sought to became more popular in the underworld network. He hired the duo to work as enforcers, and they engaged in activities related to extortion and blackmailing rackets. They would scare and sometimes harm targets that were to pay money to Alvarez. The duo now became a triangle force, with the assistance of Alvarez. When business was bad, and a larger crew sought to expand their rackets and take over Alvarez's project, Alvarez was about to be moved out of the game. Brian and David turned on Alvarez, and made an attempt at milking him out prior to starting a business of their own.

Alvarez ended up being liquidated after turning to the police. Brian and David had scammed fifty grand to fight over. They couldn't come to an agreement about their share, and David took the money for himself. Brian left, and as David settled with the money to retire from his criminal career as it seemed to get too serious after losing what seemed a good friend to it, Brian continued a solo career of his own.

Brian went into exile, and moved to Flint county, where he bought a trailer in a trailer rural trailer park. His illegal activities disappeared from the radar. He was now employed with a trucking company, and did state jobs, sometimes working part-time as a carpenter (nicking him 'Handyman' in reference to the odd-jobs and fix-up tasks) plotting to find a line of work more prosperous.

Continuation of his criminal careerEdit

Business was bad within the logistics industry. Brian was fired from his job, and once his contract ended, he packed his bags and moved north to Bone County, setting his eyes on Las Venturas. He had it all worked out, after having time enough to think. Venturas caught his attention as he made road trips with his big rig truck.

David was found dead at a parking lot in east Los Santos. Allegedly Brian had murdered him, although the case went cold as no sustainable evidence was ever found. Apparently Brian couldn't get over the fact David had let him down, and turned his back on Brian for so long after calling him his brother. As money became scarce, and Brian needed funding to start a new business plan, he took it all for himself and ended David as the remainders of the money were bereft of him.

Isobe became a handyman for Las Venturas criminals. His restraint and 'natural' roots for the line of work, made him perfect as an enforcer. Isobe worked blackmails of his own, although he also took requests. He would meet people with a lot of money, get closer to them, create a problem and help them solve it for a price. The nature of these jobs was often violent and merciless. Per request Isobe takes jobs of the nature criminals cannot perform themselves, or jobs they would rather not have men of their own perform. This is useful because Isobe is not emotionally attached to the results or the people it concerns whether target or informant.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Brian Isobe is a very questionable, ambitious person. He looks to acquire opportunities, though has a set of morals he often plays by. They aren't always very consistant however. Isobe has a hot temperament, and is quick to change his mind about diplomatic standings. He's therefore often considered dangerous and aggressive. He has a very strict value of friends; almost unrational, and it is therefore very hard to keep Isobe as a friend. Isobe has no standards for aggression. His metal is a mere thoughtful tactic. He fails to value wild- or human life. All this due to his very coherent, violent past and abusive father. By definition Isobe has no mental illnesses, though a healthy-minded person may consider him a sociopath.

Isobe is often seen wearing a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, and although in the past having worn his hair in a ponytail, he modernized himself and now goes around with a spikey hairstyle. His facial features are clean shaven, and his asian traits are limited. He often wears T-shirts and a pair of loafers.