Buffalo Electronics





Consumer electronics retail


Las Venturas, San Andreas

Area served

Alderney State
Liberty City
San Andreas

Key people

Chadwick Blackburn


Consumer electronics

Buffalo Electronics is an American big-box store selling consumer electronics with numerous branches headquartered in Las Venturas, San Andreas. Being founded in 2001 by Chadwick Blackburn and Gary Reynolds, it started with one store located in Las Venturas, later expanding the business to Alderney City, Liberty City, Los Santos, and Vice City.

In 2007, the chain hit the headlines with the tragic accident of Gary Reynolds who felt from a cliff during his winter holiday at the Mount Chiliad in Whetstone, San Andreas. Thereupon, Reynolds' interests have been split between his only son, Anthony Reynolds, and Chadwick Blackburn who consequently turned into the major leader of the chain store.

History Edit

In 2001, Chadwick Blackburn, a small businessman of Native American descent, joined together with entrepreneur and multimillionaire Gary Reynolds to open the first Buffalo Electronics store in Las Venturas, San Andreas. The first store stocked numerous kinds of consumer electronics, additionally having a small section specializing in the reparation of slot machines. As the business expanded, the original store was closed and a newer, larger store that was located near the old one was opened.

In 2005, Blackburn and Reynolds decided to expand their business' wheelings and dealings to more cities, thus opening two branches in Liberty City, in fact in Dukes and Algonquin. Within the following years, another store has been opened in Vice City, commencing the economic florescence of the chain.

The retailer of consumer electronics experienced the first stagnation when Gary Reynolds died in an accident in the year 2007. Damien Galloway, personal bodyguard and friend of Reynolds, accompanied the multimillionaire during his holiday trip at the Mount Chiliad and delineated, that Reynolds slipped off when both were treading a small path, immediately causing his death after falling down a cliff. In consequence of that incident, Reynolds interests that amounted to fifty percent have been equally split between Blackburn and Gary Reynold's son Anthony who later sold his percentage for $4,5 million to Chadwick Blackburn.

At the present day, Buffalo Electronics operates 6 brick-and-mortar stores: two stores in Liberty City and one store each in Las Venturas, Vice City, Alderney City, and Los Santos. More importantly, the chain is having cooperation agreements with several regional companies that are responsible for the supply and transport.

Criticism and controversies Edit

In 2008, the Buffalo Electronics caused a stir by appointing Terrance Walsh, an ex-convict, to be the company's security chief. The firm's spokesman, Ryan Van Dyke, subsequently stated:

"Mister Walsh was in an awkward predicament when he decided to offend against the law. He doubtlessly got what he deserved and consequently served his sentence without attracting negative attention a single time. [...] Buffalo Electronics, as a modern and humane company, wants to give Mister Walsh a new lease on life and since he was an adept in security before his misdemeanor, we stand by our decision in good conscience.