The Government of Las Venturas is a municipal council consisting of six members including the elected mayor governing Las Venturas (Las Venturas City and Bone County), commonly known as the City Council. The six council members each represent their own district, of which there are five, with the mayor being an overall key-figure and chairman to the council. When a council member suggests a new regulation or law, or a new city project, it is forwarded to the council of six, where councilmen first have the chance to debate their point of view and do common research. It is later on voted on by each council member, with the mayor holding a veto-right.

Each four years the previous mayor is replaced for a newly elected mayor. In 2011, mayor Michael Clements was re-elected on a second term. The council of six reports to the San Andreas State Government, with more flexibility in proposing new bills, whom in turn reports to the nation's senate. The council of six concludes the support of its mayor, and the mayor represents its five councilmen in the state government board.