Grosvenor Segal (1904-1985) was a famous combat aviator in the United States Air Force in the '30s. He had a fair share in Las Venturas realty when he used his fortune to buy the Las Venturas-Bone County airport, The Visage, the Yellow Bell Golf Course & County Club and The Clown's Pocket in coöperation with FBI Head of Operations Lucien Whitfield.

When in 1936 the authorities gained an interest in earning their stake in Las Venturas to drive the mob out of town, the environment became heated. The aviator Grosvenor Segal moved to Las Venturas and contacted FBI Head of Operations Lucien Whitfield, establishing a telephone business partnership. They never shook hands but both knew what they intended to do.

In 1953 Segal purchased the local airport and the Yellow Bell Golf Course & County Club. Segal then had the intention of buying all the casinos on the strip. With an upcoming crisis he hoped one of the families would give up their stake for the greater good. When in 1961 he bought The Visage and The Clown's Pocket from Paul Cuccinello, all he needed to do was buy Caligula's Casino and the Starfish Casino.

The Costanzo Crime Family and Santullo Crime Family competed in the legal field owning both of the biggest casinos in Las Venturas. In 1969 Segal sold all his property to independent entrepeneurs and retired.