An out-dated passphoto of Guillermo Vegas.
There is little photographic material of Guillermo Vegas.
Guillermo Vegas

20th century, Mexico



Known for

Transnational drug trafficker

Also known as



Tijuana Cartel

Wanted by

Federal Bureau of Investigations
Drug Enforcement Administration
Central Intelligence Agency
Policía Federal Ministerial
Policía Federal


Paul Cuccinello


Drug baron

Guillermo Vegas was a drug trafficker alligned to the Mexican cartels active since the Pablo Escobar era. He later, during the splitting of Escobar's cartel into several territorial groups, alligned with the Tijuana Cartel. It is unknown where Guillermo is currently residing.

Guillermo was a businessman good with finances and economics, and was naturally talkative. He was a soldier with the national army corps of Mexico at the time. Guillermo had always been a person outside of ethical codes, and this was what made Pablo Escobar interested to recruit Guillermo as muscle at the time. When Guillermo was amongst others a simple soldato employed by drug baron Pablo Escobar, he learned the ropes of the drug trade.

Later Guillermo developed into a lieutenant, and started running his own business. He associated himself with numerous captains, setting up distribution points around Mexico and Argentina, aswell as Chile. When he started selling drugs to the East Coast of the United States, he settled a deal with the Cuccinello Family in Las Venturas, and started selling the popular columbian coca product.