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Henry Cirillo
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United States


6th June, 1968, Las Venturas

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1,71 m

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Brown with strands of gray

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Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department
Benjamin Costanzo

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Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department

Henry Cirillo (born 6 June 1968) was a Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department officer and the former Sheriff. He was elected for a third term in 2012, before resigning the year after.

Career backgroundEdit

Cirillo served in the Military Police Corps of the United States and participated in the Gulf War from 1990—1991 at the rank of Corporal and was honorably discharged in 1992. He then returned to Las Venturas where he engaged in a law enforcement career with the Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department. In 1998 Cirillo joined the Homeland Security Division as a Sergeant. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2002, busting a drug operation of a rival mexican cartel importer of the Costanzo Crime Family, trying to build an operation in the United States.

In 2003 Cirillo became captain of the Organized Crime Bureau. He nominated himself as a candidate of the Sheriff elections. In 2004 he was elected for his first term and uphold a good reputation, causing him to get to a third term in 2012 even. His reputation he built in the Vice bureau gave him a fond public reputation, enabling an advantage to other candidates in the elections.

As a public figureEdit

It is a confirmed rumor that Cirillo had social business with Benjamin Costanzo and Frederick Capasso, two public key-figures in Organized Crime. An unconfirmed trait to said rumors was the belief Cirillo helped their criminal organisation sustain in return for a controllable violence-free environment and superiority over minor thug groups. — Henry never fought the rumors in spite of repeated public mentions in tabloids. Statistic evidence countered the stain, providing intelligence on Cirillo's succesful war on public crimes and street violence with criminal intent.

Henry's lineage weaves together with that of the Costanzo's; Benjamin Costanzo successor and son to mob-boss Joseph Costanzo is an apparant cousin to Henry's mother, "Monique Cirillo—Martin".

Cirillo has suggested that he'd rather do field- than social work numerous times. Bearing the title of Sheriff, Henry often speaks at government press conferences to advocate his campaign against organized crime. He often visits community clubs to pick up on the state of affairs around certain districts in the city. Henry has set up several neighbourhood-watch programs to tackle crimes on private property and help communities sustain and stand up for each other.

Henry has often publically sent his regards to juvenile projects and debated to raise governent subsidy on youth crime programs. In this, Cirillo's arm reaches as far as Tierra Robada, involving some of the more distant townships in his campaign aswell.

During the previous Venturas mayor elections, Henry was a supporter of the democratic party. As a matter of fact, he is listed an active supporter of the Democratic party of Las Venturas, and evenso lately has been registered as a member. In this position he has supported several trivial state legislations on legalising hennep.

In 2013, after the Newtown school shooting, Henry has appeared two times on state television to debate as a representative of the Democratic party of Las Venturas in its federal campaign to ban full-automatic firearms. For that Henry has often been criticized seeing his past career dated back as far as his early adulthood has consisted of military and metropolitan police authority which involved the use of such firearms.

Around mid-2012 Cirillo spoke his mind on the republican party's attempt to ban prostitution and impair gambling legislations, which contradicted with the Gambling bill of 1931. The vote gained a minority at the end of 2012.

Private lifeEdit

Early lifeEdit

Henry was born to his parents; his french-american mother, Monique Martin, was a military typist, and his Italian-american father was a casino worker. Their relationship was love on first sight, and a romantic story. They were both native citizens of Las Venturas.

Later they would move in together and marry, producing a son, Henry. Monique quit her job, in order to manage the household, while Henry provided income. Their marriage didn't end up being the fairy tale they had expected, when they often ran into rows, and their marriage was very incapacitated, fighting over how they brought up Henry. When father wanted to suggest a divorce, he figured this would only incapacitate his income, and cause both of them to be left without little.

It was unfair despite that, as father had worked for several years to purchase a nice house in a working-class neighbourhood, where they intended to raise Henry. When Monique's husband passed away after a hit and run, Henry was doomed to child abuse. Monique often cried all day long, and saw her son as the offspring of something bad. She couldn't cope with the death of George, and gradually started drinking, growing into having an alcohol problem.

Moving in with his kinEdit

One day Monique decided she would bring Henry to her sister, whom was more competent in bringing up a child. She sent Henry to elementary school, and after that followed into following a high school education. Henry's worries all sort of just diluted. Uncle Jimmy happened to be a mob-related figure, and often pulled off dumb stunts. In 1980 he disappeared behind bars, on charges of armed robbery.

Uncle Jimmy locked away a fortune under the boarding of his house; a trick he had learned from some of his mates. It was outdated though. When August found the money locker, she all stupidly spent it on closing and jewelry, within two months going through whatever money was left. Cousin Edward packed his luggage and departed to join the army. On the contrary Cousin Douglas disappeared in the crowdy mob-life following Jimmy's footsteps.

When in 1986 a yellow checkers cab stopped in front of their porch to deliver Jimmy back to them on parole, he frowned upon the fact Henry had chosen to attend The Academy, regarding the family name's rather misanthropic reputation with the police corps.

The Gulf WarEdit

Henry paused his law enforcement career and decided he would follow Edward to leave behind his family background for a while. Henry joined the US Air Force. He served in the Gulf War from 1990 to 1991 and then returned to the United States, in Las Venturas, only to be honorably discharged and enlist for the Police Academy with his military background.

Henry flew a USAF F-15C in the 389th Fighter squadron, under the 366th Fighter Wing, and flew electronic jamming missions during the 6-week-war to protect coalition aircraft from Iraqi air defenses.

Recovery of emotional strugglesEdit

The Buschetti family still frowned upon Henry's decision, namely Douglas and Jimmy, whom quite obviously dedicated their life to the underworld. Aunt August, whom had learned to accept Henry as her own son and lived compassionately with his early background interweaving with her alcoholic sister Monique, was in the very end the only person that supported his decision.

In 1996 Henry's biological mother, Monique Cirillo-Martin, passed away to a heroin overdose, having completely lost track of her life after Henry's departure without him realising. He arranged Monique's funeral, respecting her as his mother with only few people attending to the mission.

Earning his stripesEdit

Henry gradually climbed the ranks in the corps, and enlisted to join the Homeland security division. It took him years to connect with the Organized Crime division. His new partner, that taught him the ropes of the game, was familiar with his Uncle and Cousin. This way Henry ended up hooking up with them a lot, and both of them finally learning to somewhat respect Henry as a person in regards to the fact they found him a filthy pig and grew stronger disgust for him seeing him in action.

What worsened his social standing with his genetical acquaintances was when he was involved in a police shooting that cost his cousin, Douglas Buschetti, and a 16-year old clerk their life. The shooting took place after Douglas and two partners-in-crime were pinned down by the police in a fast food restaurant while performing an armed robbery.

Benjamin Costanzo ended up approaching him, learning to know him as a business partner and later a friend sharing a similar background and realising they were distant family to one another. Benjamin taught Henry about respect, honor and the importance of respecting family. When the current Sheriff retired from his position, Henry decided he would attend to join the elections.

Costanzo figured he could make good use of Henry in the background, and caused Henry to be succesful in an investigation during a war between the Costanzo family and the Los Zetas cartel, whom were the main cocaine, marijuana and firearm suppliers in the early 21st century. When Benjamin set up for Henry to locate a drug deal, causing him to arrest a handful of captains and associates of the cartel on charges of trafficking to put a stop to their operation and see them leave Las Venturas, it was Henry whom was elected for Sheriff.

The Wrong kind of PeopleEdit

Later in his career, Costanzo blackmailed Henry with the fact he set up the drug bust for him, and tried to puppetteer Cirillo. Henry refused and set up a counter attack, eventually organising the Organized Crime division in a joint-coöperation with the FBI to shut down the Costanzo Family's operation, leaving the game open to a new family.


Henry married to a stewardess in 1998, Vera Merritt. They struggled to produce a clutch, and unfortunately Vera was met with a medical condition that cost her her life. In 2001 she was diagnosed with leukemia, skipped treatment over moral reasons and died following the next two weeks.


  • Henry was elected three times for Sheriff in a row.
  • Statistically proven Henry Cirillo was the toughest on cutting down on Organized Crime in Las Venturas as a Sheriff in history.

In popular cultureEdit

  • Henry Cirillo has been portrayed in several crime dramas by the Vinewood film industry, as usually small insignificant roles. In CSI: Las Venturas, Henry Cirillo's character has been seen in several episodes.
  • Apparently Henry is currently writing a Memoir about his personal life, and about his achievements.