Ivan Milošević
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22nd of March, 1983 (Age: 29)
Stari Grad, Kragujevac, Serbia

Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown

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Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Vuk Milošević (Brother)
Adrijana Milošević (Mother)
Petar Milošević (Father)
Mladenka Orlić (Aunty)
Stefan Orlić (Uncle)


Stari Grad Clan

Miscellaneous information

Organized Mobster
Owner of Milo's Diner

Owned vehicles

1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Ivan Milošević (born 22 March, 1983) is a Serbian-American criminal who moved to Las Venturas, San Andreas to seek out a better future for himself. Stari Grad, Kragujevac, (meaning 'Old City' in English) is the small municipality in which Ivan and the majority of his family derive from. Ivan is known as being a small-time criminal, making money through mainly White collar crime and Blue collar crime ever since his life in Serbia.

Ivan is often described as being a kleptomaniac due to his frequent stealing and is also mocked for his paranoia, it has been jokingly rumoured that he has Paranoid personality disorder. Despite all of these accusations whether serious or not, Ivan has never been diagnosed of any of these illnesses. However, this is most likely due to the fact that he has never been studied mentally. Ivan is also a strong follower of religion, ever since being brought up to the beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Surprisingly, even though witnessing the Yugoslav Wars Ivan is not racially discriminant to Bosnians, Croatians or Albanians, but is still heavily patriotic in regards to his origin.


Ivan grew up throughout the Yugoslav Wars, being a witness to violence and president at the time Slobodan Milošević's ideology of the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovars. In addition, Ivan grew up in a lower-class community with his brother Vuk Milošević in the municipality of Stari Grad, Kragujevac. During these times Ivan and his brother often stayed with their Uncle, as both their parents worked most of the time at the general store they owned. Ivan and Vuk's Uncle, otherwise known as Stefan Orlić, was involved in organized crime. This of course soon led brothers Ivan and Vuk believing it was morally and socially correct to commit petty crimes such as stealing candy and food rather than buying it. Whilst Ivan and his brother were at school they lost friends who were not publically known to be but were Croatian, or Bosnian who were forced to move away due to fear of racial discrimination during the wars, and even out of fear of being killed.


Soon after Ivan reached his adolescent stage in life the Kosovo War erupted; and now that Ivan and his brother were old enough to understand this occurrence they both listened to what their friends and family said, which was along the lines of eliminating the Albanians from Kosovo. Although Ivan and Vuk believed this ideology at the time they never enforced it physically like many, and instead took their Uncle's advice and chose to stay out of the conflict.

Separate WaysEdit

After working with Ivan and his Uncle, Vuk had soon decided to take his criminal career a step further and decided to move to Germany. This left Ivan on his own to continue working with his Uncle, before eventually becoming affiliated with the Stari Grad Clan. After working a few years alongside the organized mob, Ivan then was forced to go into hiding with his uncle after the police began to take the crime group apart. As a last resort, Ivan took his Uncle's advice and left for San Andreas, USA for a new life.

Criminal CareerEdit

Whilst living in the USA, Ivan started off with very little at first, having to refer to work legally until getting a proper base of money to establish himself. After doing this Ivan began to commit smaller crimes before eventually making connections with other crime groups. A year later, Ivan's brother Vuk contacted Ivan, before announcing he'd be moving to the USA to live there. After establishing a proper crime network with his brother, even though small, Ivan then decided to buy out an old diner, and rename it; to this date it is known as Milo's Diner. Soon after this, Ivan and his friends swiftly took up the chance of entering the arms trafficking crime ring, and have since been slowly taking a hold.