Las Venturas is a San Andreas based city in the United States. The city is referred to as San Andreas' entertainment capital and is famous for its casinos, expensive fine dining and shopping areas. In 1911 Venturas was promoted to city status and at the end of the 20th century Venturas was one of the most populated areas in the U.S. Beyond its official name Venturas is often nicked the City of Sins, coined after how Venturas is open-minded towards adult entertainment and has in history conflicted with lots of organized crime activity.


Geographically Las Venturas is split in two districts; Las Venturas city and Bone County. The city is mostly accessible by plane with Las Venturas-Bone County airport being the most populous passenger airlining network. Its strong infrastructure such as the encircling Julius Thruway embracing the vivid metropolitan area interconnecting with Bone County, San Fierro and Los Santos makes it easily accessible by road both private and commercially. To the north of the city lies a minor industrial area, Spinybed, mainly consisting of oil refinery and logistics shipping inbound product to Venturas.


While demographically the largest amount of its population consists of tourists there's a mediocre number of residence areas mostly mid-class (Redsands West, Rockshore) and high-class (Prickle Pine) while in the heart of the city lay an array of motels. Not to mention the city's main product is specialised in hotel-casinos.

According to the 2012 Census, the racial composition of Las Venturas was as follows:


Gambling is core in Venturas; people work day-in, day-out to leech of the vivid entertainment business. Its heart lies with the Old Venturas Strip where business is prosperous day and night. The avenue is embraced by casinos, restaurants and other peculiar types of entertainment from bowling alleys to bars and cinemas. North lies Roca Escalante, Venturas' commercial district holding relevant governmental facilities and a university.


The first reported visitor to Las Venturas was Emillio Asturias in 1829 whom used the waters around the city while heading north. Julius Belmont lead a group of scouts and observers into Venturas Valley. In 1855 John Young sent thirty missionaries to convert a local population of native americans to Mormonism. When in 1860 the mormons abandoned Venturas, Las Venturas was established as a railroad town prospering of its gold mines. The railway became less important with the abolishment of its mines which was why the station served as a staging point for miners. Its demography consisted of chinese railway workers from immigrated to the State of San Andreas to establish the original railway.

Many laborers travelled to Venturas to help mine ores, however it was when the Sherman Dam was built in 1935 that tourism was booming. In the 1940's Venturas became truely popular when scientists started moving to Venturas to work on an atomic bomb project. The Gambling bill of 1931 lead to Venturas turning into what we know it as today; a gambling empire. Many infamous organized crime figures such as Benjamin Costanzo were the ones funding some of the largest casinos known to this day. Venturas earned its title; City of Sins.


The Las Venturas Bandits are the only professional sports team that is located in Las Venturas. The Bandits perform their matches at the baseball-specific Bandits Stadium in the Redsands West district of Las Venturas. There is also the so-called Yellow Bell Golf Course in the north of Las Venturas, in fact it is located in Prickle Pine. During the course of recent years, there have been a couple of tournaments that improved the golf course's publicity.

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