Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department
Common name(s)

Metro, Metro PD



Agency Overview
Preceding agencies
  • Las Venturas Police Department
  • Bone County Sheriff's Department

4,020 Authorized Total (2011)

Annual budget

FY 2011–2012: $501,307,011

Legal personality

Governmental: Government agency

Jurisdictional structure

Approx. 2,0 million

Legal jurisdiction

Las Venturas City, Bone County, some cities in Tierra Robada

General nature
  • Law Enforcement
  • Civilian agency
Operational structure

Downtown, Las Venturas

Current director

Sheriff Joseph Fitzgerald

Area Commands




Detention Centers

Las Venturas Detention Center

Marked and Unmarked Cars










  • Divisional agency: Sub division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department (abbreviated LVMPD and more commonly referred to as Metro) is the general law enforcement agency of Las Venturas covering Bone County and Las Venturas city in its jurisdiction. The department is headed by the Bone County Sheriff, currently Joseph Fitzgerald, whom was elected to a first term in 2013. The sheriff is the only elected head law enforcement officer within the county, and, as such, the department is not under the direct control of the city, county or state.


  1. Law Enforcement Investigations, Homeland Security and Support Group
    • Homeland Security Division
      • Vice/Narcotics Bureau
      • Organized Crime Bureau
      • Emergency Operations Bureau
      • ARMOR section
    • Investigative Services Division
      • Gang Crimes Bureau
      • Robbery/Homicide Bureau
      • Financial—Property Crimes Bureau (Major Cases)
  2. Law Enforcement Central Operations Command Group
    • Special Operations Division
      • Air Support
      • Search and Rescue
      • K-9
      • SWAT
    • Patrol Division
      • Northeast (Downtown) Area Command
      • South Central Area Command
      • Traffic
  3. Law Enforcement and Detention Services Group
    • Professional Standards Division
      • Human Resources
      • Internal Affairs
      • Organizational Development
      • Academy
      • AOST (Advanced Officer Skills Training)
      • Quality Assurance
    • Technical Services Division
      • Criminalistics Bureau
      • Fingerprint Bureau
      • Police Records Bureau
      • Logistics Bureau

Historical backgroundEdit

The LVMPD was in 1864 established as a people's militia assembled by the town's city council, with the intention of securing the railroad and mines around it. In 1880 the government reorganized the militia group, and named it the Las Venturas Police. At the same time, a Sheriff's group was organised in Bone County, being given legal jurisdiction over that area. Re-organization followed in each department over a period of 40 years up until 1920. In 1973 the Bone County Sheriff's Department and the Las Venturas Police Department where merged under the name Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department.

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