Non-player characters (commonly known as NPCs) will be more commonly utilized within Aria for different purposes.


Guides can be first visible upon joining the server, and introduce the player to the city, and point him/her into suggested directions on where to start off in a sandbox-style manner, helping players new to Aria, roleplay or Las Venturas on the way to gaining knowledge about the server.

City registryEdit

Some NPCs can be found walking around the screen, each with their own identity, providing a set personality and type of diverse interaction, while also widespread in options. While limited, sufficient options have been scripted to give players a variety of responses, and lots of different things to gain from them, some options comically, and others supporting players.

By any means interacting with an NPC is vital to roleplay, because this aspect of the game is paramount. The script is therefore very flexible. City guides will provide locations, and answer simple questions like "Where do I get a job?", "Where can I find the DMV?" and "Where is the nearest police department?".

Active interactionEdit

Under this category fall things like shop NPCs, upon interaction allowing a player to browse through a store's inventory and purchase items accordingly. Although under this category fall other static NPCs too, which seperately may serve a purpose to factions in many forms.


As the script develops and becomes more complex, there will probably occur different types of NPCs that cannot be categorized under the previous.

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