Ramses Belliviere
Biographical information

Big Poppa, Jean-Claude Jimenez


United States


6th June, 1985

Physical description



1,92m (6.2')

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Eye color


Skin color

Chocolate brown

Familial and political information
Known family

Marquis Belliviere
Dominique Belliviere
Maurice Belliviere
Xavier Belliviere
Ranielle Belliviere

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Ramses Belliviere is an african-american male born in Las Venturas using the nom de guerre "Big Poppa". He is best known for pandering and owns the gentleman's club Jiggly Girls on the Old Venturas Strip. Recently he has lost influence and name, now characterized as a wannabe seeking fame.

Early youthEdit

Belliviere's postnatal story is one that happens only so often in civilized America. Belliviere was born a month too early. Keeping him alive was a struggle. His mother had moved to the United States, leaving his father in Europe for a judicial education. At the time both weren't married. This resulted in Junaida not meeting the policies for a European citizenship. Once she emigrated to the west-coast in Las Venturas, she gave birth to Belliviere. At the time her visa was pending. For ten years Belliviere had no legal rights. He was an unregistered citizen. He was an alien, with no nationality.

From the age of four, Dylan Belliviere had permanently moved to the United States, where he after six years married Junaida. They had five more children, allegedly, to raise child support. Dylan was unable to acquire a job with his European degree in justice. The family had no funds to move to a European country, or travel across the border with a toddler that had no nationality. Dylan made a deal with a semitic forger, that sold out a stolen identity for Ramses at the cost of 10.000 USD. Jean Claude Jimenez was his new name; a young immigrant from the Dominican Republic. Years later Ramses got in touch with the authorities during his teenagehood. Although the incident was trivial, it caused them to find no association with parenthood. He was taken from his home, and placed in a juvenile care center, where he awaited placement with a foster family for five years. It was tricky, because in five years he would be an adult already.


Ramses became a longshoreman in Whitewood Estates, where he performed manual labor for a corporate cleaning company. He become associated with a group of friends, with which he later established a collection agency, pursueing debts for a living. Ramses had always been a person that new his way around through bargain and negotiations, rather than brute force, but his associates did the exact opposite, making them a good match for business partnership. The collection agency had always remained small and underground, but for their standards they were fairly good.

Through Ramses' network that he learned to establish, and meeting the right people, aswell as having the correct personality, he become connected with individuals in the procuring business. When a local procurer was terminally ill, he saw an opportunity. Most of his agency's associates flocked to join up with other employers. Ramses spoke to a lady here and there, each whom had an ill employer, and a starting fund caused them to reach an agreement wherein they'd turn to Belliviere instead. There he started to grow in the procuring business, under the pseudonym "Big Poppa" that most people learned to know him as. Ramses had many names in the past, but this one stuck, and as individuals from the past seemed to disappear in a pool of millions of people, there was only but one name left, jokingly.

Belliviere was never able to return to his kin, although for a long while he had craved to do so. In spite of that it was impossible to keep track of them, after the Belliviere's had made multiple attempts in staying under the radar. He learned to give it up, and live in the present.

Criminal careerEdit

Belliviere was always active in the drug business. He worked together with his partner-in-crime: Andrew Puckett. Like Belliviere, he too grew up in Las Venturas in the same neighbourhood.

In high school Belliviere and Puckett presured other students for money. This is when their criminal career started. Both ended up in street drug trafficking. Later the duo had a quarrel. They stopped seeing each other. Belliviere set sail for a solo career.

Eventually Belliviere ended up in the procuring business, when he saw the opportunity to step up his game. He was fed up with drugs. It was too nasty. Belliviere hustled mostly around the Old Venturas Strip. - He then met Burt Hendrix, a real estate tycoon. They stirred legal and illegal characters.

Belliviere would meet with Hendrix. They set up a new business plan. Hendrix had connections; people with money. He would talk to people and find vulnerable people. He would tell Belliviere about them, and this is when Belliviere played gold with them, and became their friend. He then extorted them. This was often violent in nature. Sometimes it would involve brandishing firearms.

Hendrix ended up talking to the police. He owed Belliviere money. "they created a problem and then they would solve that" Hendrix said to the police. Hendrix was found dead at his penthouse in Los Santos in 1993, shot down in an ice cold liquidation after two failed attempts. Belliviere was a prime suspect in the case.

In 1996 Belliviere was arrested and convicted of crimes violent in nature, typically regarding the extortions. He was released from the Las Venturas corrections facility in 2010.