Redsands is a large residential area split up in two sectors; Redsands West and Redsands East. The area flourishes with civilian life and is one of the more populated, spacious areas in Las Venturas city. The area has a great lack of resources, which are namely located alongside the The Strip. Redsands' close vicinity to the mall makes it an ideal area to live in.


Redsands has always been considered a fairly economically stable area. Its residents average around estimate modal wages of $65,000. Its housing is therefore affordable. According to compared statistics Redsands houses the most permanent Venturas citizens. It is therefore logical to assume, that in this massive resort, Redsands provides the city its manpower.

Throughout the '60s Redsands residentship has been booming and the amount of available houses had fluctuated strongly. After an exponential increase in overall size Redsands growth has been put to a stop since the 21st century. Realistically there's not enough space to build. The real estate market in Redsands is fairly stable, however.


According to the national bureau of statistics, Redsands is populated by a majority of whites. Since 1991 Redsands has seen an increase in african-american population, especially in Redsands West. This is believed to be caused by there being a bigger demand than residential construction can provide in suburbs other than Redsands. Especially in Redsands west the black population has seen an enormous growth. This has caused segregation.


In the district's history, Redsands has always been a suburb that had seen little crime. The amount of middle-class citizens was very high. Within Redsands there has been seen little felons according to police records. However, since 1987 Redsands has seen an increase in its crime-rate. Most public disturbances are reported in Redsands west. Crimes range from petty theft to drug distribution and gang activity.