The Stari Grad Clan is one of the Belgrade clans of the Serbian Mafia. The name derives from the original basing of the clan being in Stari Grad. The group was originally founded by Damir Vitorović in 1991, and is mainly known for Arms trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Extortion and Fraud.


In 1991, the group was founded by Damir Vitorović and several others whom are unknown.

The clan gained a large amount of ex-Red Berets paramilitaries after the downfall of Slobodan Milošević. The Red Berets were people who had been military trained and were familiar with the elements of war.

In 2001, the clan outlined it's rivalry against the Zemun Clan after attacking several of their members in order to prove dominance over Belgrade.

With the assassination of Zoran Đinđić the Serbian Prime Minister in 2003, even though none of the Stari Grad clan were involved, they were forced to go into hiding due to the introduction of Operation Sablja (which in English translates to "Operation Sabre").

After Damir Vitorović was found dead in his apartment, with a heroin needle still in his arm it is believed that he died of an overdose.


The clan is believed to be still running to present date, after a witness whose name cannot be revealed came forward about being extorted. No vital evidence has been found against the group as of yet, and officials suspect the clan to have shut down.

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