The White Line
Years active


Notable members

Malik Charles, Reggie Martin


Safehouses in San Andreas and Mexico

Criminal activities

Drug trafficking


Around 50 direct affiliates


Sinaloa Cartel, 42 Hoover Criminals


Mexican Mafia

The White Line was a drug trafficking organization operating throughout the state of San Andreas and along the United States-Mexico border. Originally starting in 1993 as a single smuggler working with members of the 42 Hoover Criminals gang to smuggle Cocaine from Mexico to Los Santos, within a year the organization spread its influence throughout the state of San Andreas.

It's key members at the time were Malik "Big Took" Charles, who headed their northern operations and local distribution, Reggie "Prince Grove" Martin, who was organized the Los Santos operation, and an unidentified smuggler who was only referred to as "The Indian".

The organization was gradually dismantled over the course of 2003-2005 due to law enforcement pressure on their leadership and violence amongst their Los Santos branch.

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