Tierra Robada (Spanish: stolen land) is a county that belongs to the Government of Las Venturas, outlining the northern border of the state of San Andreas. It's located to the north of San Fierro and to the west of Bone County, connecting with it via the Sherman Reservoir. Despite being one of the largest landmasses in the state, it has the lowest and most sparse population. It's home to one of the largest native american residences in the United States.

The county is very sporadically dotted with small, lowly populated towns, namely El Quebrados, Las Barrancas and the most prominent and populous one - Bayside, just near the juncture for San Fierro. The now completely desolate town of Aldea Malvada is also located here.

85% of the county's topography is covered by an expansive desert, which explains its low count in population.