After being repeatedly turned down by several developers we've learned not to back down of our project regardless. While money did not make us acquire a developer able to give us something built up from scratch, we decided it would probably be wise to resort to Mabako's royalty free MTA paradise script.

With few modifications we will be able to twist it in such a manner it upholds its own original traits, while paradise will provide the server with the most basic yet script-complex features to run a roleplay server on, giving us the ability to check a ton of work-in-progress features and step up towards developing the actual server now that the frame has been built, and it starts to look more and more like a project on its own and ideas being ultimately realised.

The community is still young though; we've little followers, having kept the project low for a long time until we had something to present. I'm tempted to present what we've all conspired to work on for so long, to the public.

I intend on finishing off with the basics to get started on a problem-free alpha test with a closed community anytime soon. Most of the server's been done by far. A little advertisement and promotion wont hurt, as we require to sustain a fair playerbase in the near future, do we want to efficiently make use of the closed testing timeframes.

Mappers are still actively working on interiors for landmarks like the City hall, but too are they working on some of the predecessors to the vivid exterior mapping paramount to the Las Vegas sphere, which is currently in an early phase of a discussion.

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