Basically all professional developers dropped out on scripting Aria RP for us, for reasons such as MTA being an out-of-date medium with little way of aspiring, and personal reasons for others. So at this point in time I've resorted to taking full control of script development with mediocre knowledge of .LUA. Any scripting help is welcome regardless, to add up to all the different features we're going to get our hands on.

Right now we purchased our domain for the forum ( which will be later displayed on the tabber on the frontpage of the Wiki for a quick hyperlink for whoever is interested. The dedicated server we're awaiting is sponsored by Be sure to take a look at it for cheap web- and server-hosting.

While I don't have a deadline on when the server is going to be finished I intend on splitting up the process in a couple of different development stages we're going through prior to the final release. I will frequently provide everyone with script updates on the forums to provide transparancy on the overall project. Other staff members have been tasked with things such as advertisement and forum managment. The setup goes as follows:

  1. Alpha version
  2. Closed béta
  3. Open béta
  4. Final release

I'm basically going to start working towards setting up a basic roleplay script assuming I have to start from scratch with the resources we have. I don't want to rely on some open-source roleplay script available on the resources page of MTA and it's the general experience of development I'm looking forward to. Having an owner with mediocre scripting knowledge will present more output on the long run. Basics include:

  • Login screen
  • Character system
  • Banking system
  • Interior system
  • Las Venturas police
  • Emergency services
  • Vehicle features/system
  • Text-based roleplay commands
  • Shop system (NPCs etc.)
  • Economy and tax script
  • Administrator commands

As for the recent release of a treaser trailer:

Aria - Sky's the limit teaser00:43

Aria - Sky's the limit teaser

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