I've managed to hook up on a couple of staff members while starting to write on documentation to present to the devs. As of now the project is still stuck on an early development stage and there's no deadline. Most of the documented features and concept-art are mere speculations based on personal experience, viewpoints and a mixture of similarities by other people I've consulted with.

To give everyone a little bit of insight on what's happened in the past, I want to tell about how one of our devs and I once worked on a server. While I was not an official staff member I tried hard getting the cogs working since we had a very basic roleplaying script. Quite realistically we didn't want to deal with copycat material like many other communities have picked up on valhallagaming's multi theft auto script. As such since some old devs were a bit temperamental we figured it'd be wise to just get started on our own. Once we had something to present it was the community I had been with for quite some time now that seemed to take its last breath.

With a combination of shitty staff, bad attitudes and an overall negative sphere while not flexible in roleplay whatsoever some old-dogs jumped on the bandwagon and took a peek at what was at the time called Odyssey gaming roleplay. Regardless of their deep interest and seriously considering to join it seemingly didn't start off so well; a lot of people returned to their old community with a lush 'meh'.

What at the time seemed to be the issue (in my opinion) was how their interest with a mere sightseeing talent to orientate on other servers. A good old case of winter depression I'd often call it, just like a shitstorm hit the community about each year around November. I've given it several shots to get roleplay started; yet again as presented in the creative development doc. it seemed people found it a clusterfuck to find out there was so little going on in a community of ten people. Stuck in the vicious circle people 'didn't want to get ingame because there was nothing going on'. That's basically how it ended up dying, I lost interest myself when valhallagaming bloomed up again, and our dev modified his server into a simple zombie rpg.

Now I hope for the sake of working on server development we can put our heads together succesfully and disregard some of the hardcore roleplay scenarios whereas people tend to segregate by race and class and end up creating ten different hotspots in the server while having only twenty people. You could imagine how this pulled Odyssey out of line. While it would possibly work within a server holding a playerbase of 150 people on an average day it never turned to be succesful in a small-time private server on lockdown for 'serious roleplayers'.

Quite honestly if we don't adept to a new atmosphere and get accustomed to how things work in different places under a different environment Aria stands no chance in ever getting anywhere. We're all prepared regardless and did research on the pros and cons and side-effects of some ideas we hope to present. With a ton of creative people working together to get this place blooming at one point and turn what is fun in other communities into more output I figured this can't ever be as much of a fail as Odyssey.

Many servers have beside that made an attempt on valhallagaming (what is not rootgaming)'s life and pulled a large portion of the playerbase out of their grasp only to roleplay in another server. The right circumstances with the right psychological impact you could say; people feeling outside of a community's boundries will quickly decide to go elsewhere, and if this new resort seems to superficially hold all that's needed people are going to stick around.

As much as I wouldn't backstab an old friend though I wont sacrifice my reputation to dip on a community I've been with for four years now. It's inhumane and inappropriate and just goes against my moral. Personally I see Aria as something more than a back-up plan to counter the rumors that have been going around in rG about official shutdown, which honestly I can understand if so many people have tried to step on your toes if I were the owner. Everything has an end and MTA is simply becoming an old game. If you don't adept to what the client has on offer for scripting features people will start considering you old-fashioned and communities whether old or new that do adept will take lead. Loyalty and dedication is a stand-alone factor to motivate the player.

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