Developers have been thinking out a lot of alternative ways to integrate interesting features that the more the better will cause roleplay to sprout in a large variety without making them very elementary to creating a flow in gameplay. Thereby customized features will take up more of an enhancing role. From items to probable exploitable business plans it's all being worked on. With our script development team having encountered private issues we expect slow progress around this month, however it doesn't delay our expectations of finalizing the alpha version which has been announced to staff as closed access to test out upcoming features. Script design is in the phases of finalizing its character creation system based off the Paradise Roleplay script, however with a large amount of tweaks and more customizational features that we intend to see occur more often than not in a lot of upcoming features focusing on the player and its property so that you may find the key to making yourself have more of a unique appearance over others rather than limit this to your skin, car color and core roleplay elements.

Beside the script, the previous two weeks the mapping team has finalized a lot of its small-scale projects only to start working on immense group projects realising how we try to push MTA's possibilities to the fullest, devoting ourselves to a common statement we as developers have gotten to identify ourselves with more often after the trailer's release; "Sky's the limit". It is specifically this period that our development team's division in departments starts to pay itself off, whereas several individuals based on their [i]talents[/i] group up to maximize the game's capacities, intending to even give veteran MTA players an enlightened feeling as to what's possible on this medium, and open the gates to what we believe might vivify roleplay what we know it as today.

While we do not intend to set a deadline for the script's release anytime soon (in native speech), we will be providing whoever is registered on the forums and who is not with regular updates, teasers and trailers to not let loose of that anticipation.

Ofcourse we are always open for suggestions, as we have already picked up on some new ideas by talking to players, or at least have given us a hint as to what needs to be there to amaze everyone. You can do this here.

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