As you may have noticed we've switched both host and forums. As a courtesy of Shadow we've now established ourselves on an off-shore server that will host our more secure forums for the time being. As follows, with the move we've been provided with a neat frontpage, which is as is currently still under construction despite the greater segments of design have been finished. A big shout-out to our programmers Shadow and Castle. Without them this move wouldn't have been possible, and we'd of still been stuck to the pretty mediocre forums we used to have. Thank you very much. Your credit will not be forgotten.

Beside that, our head developer knash94 has been working day-in, day-out, moreso often doing nightshifts to continue working on the highly anticipated script, which we have all been waiting for. Two new developers have been instilled under his script development department; Shadow and Beelzebub, which will hopefully speed up the process. In spite of that, further development will take some time, but as usual, staff will be providing the community with frequent updates and teasers, and will organise some contests and events in the future which you can contribute your ideas about here to set the community into motion pre-launch.

A small clique of staff members has already been established to participate in the upcoming closed beta version of the script to test whether the script is ready for a public beta, whereas a Development Committee has been organised on Skype to more vividly welcome players into the development of the server. The committee (which is basically just a bridge between staff and players in a large frequently checked Skype chat) is used to forward issues or ideas towards staff, in order to milk out MTA's fullest potential, and further cross limits with the server.

I'd personally, and on behalf of all staff members, like to thank all the players whom have loyaly stuck with us so far, and look forward to coöperation with some newcomers. Additionally, I'd like to thank our hard working developers whom voluntarely stuck hours and hours of work so far into the design of the script and the website.

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