Development has been ever hastily working on the script, as I've tried to scramble together a few additional developers through bargain to speed up the process. A couple of old faces, although nothing's official as of now.

Beside that high administration has speculated on internal affairs, and the way we will deal with regular- and new administrators. As you know we imply to uphold a very professional sphere, and draw a line in standards, and try to uphold that as we progress. With that being said we've concluded we will be organising periodical meetings in which administrators will be monitored and classed on basic, daily report encounters, and more specific situations wherein administrators will be taught to deal with situations that aren't noted in our books. All that to stimulate administrators in doing their job right and because I'm a control freak.

I've started working on the second teaser trailer that will debut somewhere this week of which I've attached a couple of brief thumbnails to give away a physical hint of its graphical content.

More importantly we've opened donations and hope to scramble together some money to get our hands on a vBulletin license, since it's easier to integrate with a bridge causing the ability to manage accounts ingame, and further hook a UCP on our website to externally manage character information and open addtional probable profile options. We also hope to bring small, insignificant but worthy benefits to donations in the future, but ban out purchases since we're a non-profit 'organization' and I don't want to end up dealing with taxes for business registration, or even worse a fine.

Obviously personal spendings are banned out. Donated money is moved on an off-shore banking account where the money will be stored and managable by only me for security purposes, and see spendings go to nifty server upgrades that will on the long run benefit our whole community.

Staff has also started working on further advertisement. We now have a public Steam group, with which we don't expect to attract much players, and intend to expand our horizons to adsense and other public mediums that will be used to spread the word and grow as the script develops. Ofcourse we have the realization roleplay is a cult-game so advertisement will be pico bello when committed in private social circles, whether it be you bringing your online friends here or us.




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