Somewhere this weekend the new forums will be opened towards the community. Hopefully IPB will give us a more flexible visual editor, a more secure software package and more advanced admin features. With that said, this was the final scheduled switch-over to another forum, and we plan on sticking with these forums up until launch and beyond.

Additionally, the Xenforo and SMF databases have been merged, in order not to waste any forum statistics. We'll be celebrating our 1000th post with that. The index page has gained an overhaul, having dedicated some of my time to the design of a features page and the writing of a small game-guide on roleplay, with its main objective to superficially explain the definition of roleplay since we hope to recruit from outside of the RP community too. The website is done, with the exception of a ticket center and its respective link, and yet the SA Connect page introduced before, aswell as the online auctionhouse.

Have a nice week. Hopefully seven days of delay will provide me with more to tell.

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