Our current forum host hasn't been very stable, and was giving us a hard time with downtime because they had been working on issues with their datacenter for the past three days. Therefore we decided to join up with another host instead, that is more renowned in terms of support and so forth. We've had a good first impression of them, and the forums will be up by today. There is a little software issue we couldn't fix, but IPS support will be working on that for us. It isn't anything significant, and now that we do have time to test hosts out, I hope when the server is finally public, we wont have to suffer of these malfunctions.

We've started advertising our server in several places, and if anyone has any suggestions on where to advertise, let me know, and it'll be managed. It's important we get our name out there and see people flock towards us. The feedback we received over other servers has been very positive, and I hope in a while we'll be able to call ourselves one of the major MTA roleplay communities.

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