This week's progress has been fairly well, with the past announcement of Alpha 1.0 being well past 48%. Word's been spreading and individuals all over seem to have flocked in. According to statistics we've seen a 400% rise in forum activity in comparison to a month back. I'm happy to see a stable 10 posts a day occur within this small, noble clique of players. A warm welcome to whoever joined this week.

Script progress

Scripting progress has been great, and Kyle's been dedicating a fair bit of time in speedy, neat scripting. I've had the chance to play around with some features during an unscheduled one-on-one test session and was amazed by the integration of keyboard controls and vivid, user-friendly work-around with one of our most highly anticipated server features under production, which is as good as done.

Las Venturas Police Department

The police department has been spreading the word on their model; how do they plan on setting up one of the most important factions in Aria's modern-fantasy universe? Have a look here for more about that in an informative post written by Golden.

Character descriptions

In spite of being busy with college I've been able to spend some of my time on a description system that will be far more detailed and lengthy in comparison to what we've seen in past servers so far, making a close resemblance to a few WoW add-ons what has originally inspired me to stimulating a more lengthy description, and thus following up to player demands.

Stress and intoxication system

We've been brainstorming on a well-working addiction system that will cause roleplay to sprout and have seen a lot of controversy in that aspect with different parties causing a 50/50 split of votes on the topic of drugs and alcohol. We hear out the opinions biased towards the fact a lot of these system take away what is considered 'unique' to each character dependant on difference responses, while a script as basic as such wont be able to simulate all circumstances affecting one's physical and mental resistance to intoxication.

After talking it through with a couple of staff members we've decided to in spite of everything give the system a shot, in the hopes of effortlessly amazing opposing parties, and if it does not do so, see a bit of time go to waste at the costs of a fair risk. It is currently unknown when we will finish and release these statistic features, although there will be a chance of experiencing the system and casting votes on the topic of keeping them, or on the contrary get rid of them.


First conceptual art of Aria's description system.

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