This week has been rather calm, with regular progress going on behind the scenes. In spite of everything I haven't been able to obtain anything to present in the form of a teaser. A neat suggestion we've had coming in from Zeus that might be worth to mention is the fact we're going to regulate some form of Hall of Fame, and on top of that I hope to introduce an achievement system into the forums, that will allow people whom have made contributions towards the server to flash off those milestones or contributions in the form of a profile badge. This way we hope to see people be more willing to help in order to gain some sort of status symbol, and see those whom do so not let down and forgotten by others, but actually have the ability to gain a mediocre form of recognition in the community. Ofcourse each token will be beneficial to the server, and the recipient will in the end be worth it, as we'll establish a set of guidelines on how to earn these small awards in order to regulate it.

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