We're probably all familiar with how a lot of servers deal with a ton of different administrative ranks, with a what superficially seems well-organised team of staff members that eventually just ends up slacking, having tired team members and unfunctional departments that overall just slack on their work. There's bureaucracy everywhere; you need to make tons of requests, there's tons of threads you read, and if you go in the wrong you get the old arguement 'you should of just read the rules'. When you check out the rules there's fifty lines of text you need to read like it's an assignment to enter into a game.

I've personally experienced these issues as a nuisance, and share the opinion of having to cut down on this. We wont be dealing with a lot of bureaucracy. Checking out the forums will still hold some pretty interesting benefits, that is if players want to resort to using the forums more if they want to run a business. Server-wide topics are going to be dealt with ingame more though. If you want to play, you don't need to go through a ton of shit before being able to log in and create a character. If you want a nice car, there's no need to fill out some dumb format, and if you want to work something out the script can't do, just hit up a moderator (despite most of the things can be done, which is another point).

It goes without saying we've tackled day-to-day issues, typically economical issues people found to be a threat towards the server's wellfare. I've elaborated on our tax system in a development blog earlier, so I don't want to go into this any deeper; a player isn't going to earn money by doing nothing. On the contrary a player wont need to take a full-time job to get somewhere. We wont be forcing players to play for twelve hours a day to buy a house or a car. Though we're not going to spawn money either, to uphold the idea of having a goal, because 'just doing it for the roleplay' is a lame excuse to wipe away potential features available on MTA, does it get the right scripting attention. If someone is able to afford an Infernus; good for him. Nobody should care other than him.

On the topic of insight into staff status and server status, one of the visions people have on transparancy, whereas it is thought a server should be twisted into having a democratic government rather than totalitarian with players having veto rights to down-vote ideas staff propose, and eliminating the presence of privacy and the removal of the wall between administrators assigned to police players, will be wiped completely of the table. I'm of the opinion administrators should be helpful and part of the community, but stating 'players shouldn't be afraid of their administrators, but their administrators should be afraid of the players' is just one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my entire life. We've established administrators to enforce server rules and more particularly help players in having fun to break the ice and delete limitations. The implication a server is not 'democratic' (or even using political terms in this perspective) because players feel like they should get into some tl;dr arguement and each receive special treatment to waste time that could be spent on more useful topics (like server development and positive spheres) is deliberately inappropriate and unfitting. High administration will decide where this server goes, and it's up to the players to give volume and shape to the world of its makers.

Staff will release newsletters, maintain development blogs and procreate other types of mediums to distribute relevant information to players, causing them to have insight in what's up behind the scenes, but as much as a guest doesn't get to walk straight into Lionel Richie's changing room, neither will an opportunity like that be provided outside of public affairs.

Furthermore staff will be picked based on what they can positively contribute to the server, assuming they are on the same page with the rest of staff, in order to maintain a progressive experience rather than be stalled by continuous controversy and repeated arguements that shitstain the server as a whole.

We draw a thick line between in-character and out-of-character, in order to uphold the element of surprise and the core ingredient of the gameplay we expect to see occuring within the server. It is basically just inappropriate to pull situations out of their respective perspective, and generally ruins the spirit of the game. As such we've decided we'll negate any type of out-of-character complaints on in-character issues. Provided if there's an issue staff will accordingly deal with this. As such if you're in a roleplay situation you frankly find stupid, but it doesn't really break any rule of realism, then just continue roleplay. We're not going to promote behaviour that causes a situation to be put to a stop, at the sake of a minor complaint, and if a player causes problematic situations by repeatedly doing so, we will not put this individual on a pedestal. Rather, it will be discouraged, and if being a constant problem, will face appropriate measures to cut down on the amount of harassment. It's simply not seen as an aspect of roleplay. It's at the same time discouraged to make your character behave on a bases of out-of-character hate, in order to project your vigorious opinion you cannot express out-of-character over this regulation on the opposing player instead; it's not a loop around this regulation.

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