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Warren Kowalski
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United States



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Known family

Warren Kowalski Sr.


Works at Big Khuna's Burgers

Warren Kowalski (born 1980) is an american-born citizen of Las Venturas. He grew up in Bone County throughout his early years, and later moved into the city. Kowalski was a high-school dropout. That caused him to fall in despair, and suffer of manic depression.

Without a degree he often ended up working shitty jobs, if it wasn't for his unemployment. The state forced him into work. The menace of a social sphere stressed him out, worsening his bipolar disorder, that caused him to be suicidal. Since a year he's gotten a stable job at a burger restaurant in Downtown.

Kowalski is also a soft-drug addict. He resorts to using recreational cannabis on a daily basis, protecting himself with claims of medical treatment of his professionally determined depression. It isn't half true though. At the end Kowalski learned to care for little. He's a pacifist, has little morals, is lazy and strongly disencouraged to contribute to society. Kowalski has no ambitions. You could say he's as pointless as it gets.

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